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Wordfence Secure website & right way web security step by step

Wordfence Secure website & right way web security step by step

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How to make Wordfence Secure website and hackers constantly come up with new methods to hack websites and the main reason is to take traffic to their websites. All the steps that should be followed for website security are described here in details. If you read this one blog, you will never have to search for YouTube videos or any other website about website security again. The brief description of the steps followed is that first some number of plugins will be used, then some code will be used to secure the core code of your WordPress. Finally, Wordfence plugin setup will be described in detail.

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Strong Login username and password

To secure a website its login password and username should be given very hard and website url name or admin should not be set as username then any hacker can hack your website very easily. Follow each step below and change your current username and password.

You can change the password from your WordPress settings option, but the username cannot be changed, for which you have to change it from the database. To change password from WordPress dashboard

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